My record player went wrong!

Last week we moved my granny out of the very house where she was grown up and lived more than 7 decades. It was really tough to see her taking a final look at it and starting to cry. At this point of my life it is hard to understand what it may have felt like. Maybe, I will never understand it.

Anyways, such is life, as they say. I am not about to write a sad post, more like an interesting one. So, while we were packing my grannies stuff in her house we found her old turntable. It was behind one of the furniture. She got really surprised because even she couldn’t remember that their turntable was still in the house.

Later that day, after we got home I read up a bit about turntables, how they work etc. While searching for different kinds of information on the net I came across this website called Pick My Turntable where one can read a lot of useful stuff about turntables and record players. I got to know most of the things I know about turntables now from this site. If you’re interested go and check it out yourself.

I forgot to write in the beginning that granny’s turntables didn’t function. So, yesterday I took it to a place where they are supposed to have experience in repairing old turntables. Hopefully, it will be done by next week and I can give it back to my lovely granny so that she can listen to some of her old favorite vinyls.